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Sexual Connections with Swingcat

Swingcat – Sexual Connections

The purpose is to strengthen your understanding and usability of the tools and concepts discussed in the Sexual Connections audio course. However, do not look at workbook until you’ve listened to the entire course at least once. Without listening to the audio course, the skill builder workbook will be rendered meaningless. Once you’ve listened to the course a few times, go through the entire skill builder workbook. The exercises contained in the workbook will wire your brain and help you develop Swingcat – Sexual Connections the necessary intuitions to seamlessly use the concepts and tools in this course without having to cognitively think about them.

5 Myths of attraction:

  1. A Quality Or Feature A Woman Prefers
  2. A Connection Or A Rapport
  3. Value Or Prizability
  4. Envy
  5. Sexual Arousal

You may cognitively know that none of these things are attraction. Yet there’s a good chance that at some point during your life your limbic system emotionally bought into Sexual Connections of these myths (almost every man on the planet is guilty of emotionally buying into these myths).

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However, I do not refund after you get the link and download the course.

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 Swingcat Sexual Connections download
 Swingcat Sexual Connections download
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