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The 31-Day Billionaire

What you will learn:


  1. I Want To Be A Billionaire!
  2. Know What You Want
  3. How To Program Your Reticular Activating System
  4. Affirmations
  5. Take Action, Embrace Failure, Keep Trying
  6. Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Developing Yourself
  7. Become One With Yourself And Your Desires
  8. Celebrate Your Successes
  9. The Law Of Giving
  10. The Pencil Story
  11. Take Inspired Action
  12. Be Fearless
  13. Passion Is The Path
  14. Never Let Negativity Stop You
  15. The Limitations Of Your Mind
  16. Embrace Problems
  17. Admit When You’re Wrong And Apologize
  18. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  19.  Work With The Best
  20. Outshine Your Competition
  21. Forgiveness
  22. Hire Right
  23. No In-House Negativity Or Gossip Ever!
  24. Meeting Flow
  25. Live Life To The Fullest!
  26. Watch The Mind
  27. Write Down Your Goals
  28. Get In A Mastermind
  29. Go To Events
  30. Expect Miracles
  31. Course Summary

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