Sheldon Deal – Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 2



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Sheldon Deal – Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 2

Class 1
  • Electromagnetics shortcut test.
  • Centering shortcut tests and corrections.
  • Switching shortcut test and correction
  • Psychological Switching test and correction
  • Hydration test and benefits
  • Accurate Muscle Testing to tips get accurate results
  • Umbilical Reversal – a most important corrections
  • Pelvic Category 1 test and correction
  • Cross crawl testing and corrections
  • The Benefits of Niacin
  • Hypothalamus correction for endocrine problems
Class 2
  • Acupuncture shortcuts to quickly find: The Now & Then Technique to help problems occurring later
  • Using a Helium Neon Laser on acupuncture points
  • Test and correction to balance blood chemistry
  • Several applications for using magnets
  • Blood pressure correction with magnets
  • Tips for prostate health
  • Correction for the mitral valve
Class 3
  • Balancing the pH through diet
  • Technique for improving range of motion
  • Correcting spinal fixations
  • Circadian Rhythms to help jet lag/shift workers
  • Prestress the body to find hidden factors
  • Learning Disability Cranial Fault
  • How to check for and clear parasites
  • Candida test and correction
  • Second Brain technique for benefiting the heart
  • Cerebellum technique
Class 4
  • Cubit and how to balance the body using it
  • Testing for and clearing heavy metals
  • Cell Salts to balance muscles and meridians
  • Testing to find specific amino acid deficiencies
  • Dural Torque shortcut test and correction
  • Chronic Cough correction
  • Test and clear radiation exposure
  • Lowering blood pressure
Class 5
  • Pretest imagery to determine cranial faults
  • TMJ update to find hidden problems
  • Neurotransmitter testing and balancing
  • Balancing the “Brain on Fire”
  • Victimization clearing technique
  • Glaucoma test and correction
  • Exercises for near sightedness and far sightedness
  • 3 body types and how to balance weight
  • Rotation diet to help avoid allergies
  • Corrections for leg cramps at night
  • Dream weakness
  • Strategies for clearing insomnia
  • Many uses for tapping the TS line
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