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Scott Meyers – Self Storage investing


The Top 10 Reasons why Self Storage is the Hottest sector in Commercial Real Estate.

As you will read later in the home study course, began my career by building a large portfolio of single family and multi-family properties. l spent the first 10 years in real estate investment fighting with tenants and toilets and it almost drove me into the insane asylum and the bankruptcy court! Chasing tenants that wouldn’t pay, trying to stay ahead of rising taxes, insurance, and utility bills, and the ongoing, unexpected maintenance calls, almost forced me out of the business. So l began to ask myself, what area of real estate could I invest in that could utilize the talents and experience l have gained, without all the hassles of tenants and toilets Well, after weighing all options, and after speaking with many of my mentors in the industry, I ultimately chose Self Storage as the area l wanted to pour my efforts into and secure my future.

So after 13 years of amassing a large portfolio of single family and multi- family apartment complexes, began to sell them all off, and begin investing in self storage facilities. And as most people say once they have found their true calling, I wish I would have done it sooner! The self storage business isn’t without its fair share of challenges however and l certainly wouldn’t call it easy. But my life has changed dramatically the day l sold my last apartment complex with all those tenants and toilets and traded them for self storage units filled with nothing but.. STUFFI

What you will learn in 6 Hours of Video & 6 Mp3 Audio Files

  • How to effectively transition your facility and Force the Appreciation and Value
  • Finding the Deals where Nobody Knows where to look,
  • How to evaluate the deal, the Market, Negotiating With Mom and Pop Owners
  • Making Win-Win Offers, The Due Diligence Process, Closing and Transition Strategies
  • Marketing, Adding Profit Centers, and keeping everything legal + All Forms

As Bloomberg Markets, storage space is the number one alternative investment”. During recent time, self-storage has seen returns in the triple digits, fueled by homeownership dropping to it’s lowest point in years after the real estate crash.

Self Storage investing review

  • Lower Breakeven Occupancy Rate
  • Resistant to Recession
  • Relatively High Returns
  • Opportunities for Consolidation
  • Low Maintenance and Less Hassle


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