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Peter J Daniels – Destiny of the 3rd Millennium download ( added Michael Pink – Genesis Business Model)

Welcome to the Global community of people who have Dreams, Ambition and a Desire to reach their GOD given potential.

Your program “Peter J Daniels – Destiny of the 3rd Millennium download” has a long and successful History of real success stories from those who have benefited because of sound tried and tested principles in the activity of life.

There are a few questions that will help us serve you better and your response will be protected. We are committed to Your success.

This Entrepreneurs/Leaders exclusive handbook is only available to those who have
obtained Destiny of the 3rd Millennium and are officially registered with the World Centre
for Entrepreneurial Studies. All information contained herein is the exclusive, legal
copyright property of the above entity. Photographing. copying or transferring any
information contained in this handbook is illegal and strictly forbidden.
Intelligence and learning do not mean that you have the added quality of perception and
reason. These two human jewels can only be obtained Peter J Daniels – Destiny of the 3rd Millennium download by pain and experience that has been
wrought with the proven element of effective measurable results.

The World Changers Creed

  • Dream: The sense of grandeur towards life
  • Vision : The depth, capacity, and measurable impact of a dream
  • Commitment :The acceptance of pain as a cost towards a benefit
  • Goal: The dedication to think, plan, meditate and learn
  • Mission: The purity, forbearance and fearlessness of character
  • Destiny: The imperative to exchange a life for a moral cause that will endure

About the teacher
Peter J. Daniels Author is a well known and respected Australian Christian international business statesman of substance.

Peter Daniels has authored over fifteen books and numerous business education programs that are distributed worldwide in many languages. He has been honored by universities, institutions, and governments, for his entrepreneurial ability and benevolence and has served on International Boards with some of the world’s greatest intellectual, business, academic, religious, and corporate giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

What you will get:

  • Introduction:  Peter J Daniels – Destiny of the 3rd Millennium download: 3 lessons
  • Dream: 6 LESSONS
  • Vision: 8 LESSONS
  • Commitment: 3 LESSONS
  • Video Part Two: 1 LESSON
  • Goal: 7 LESSONS
  • Mission: 6 LESSONS
  • Destiny: 13 LESSONS

and 11 lessons (7 days) of Michael Pink – Genesis Business Model

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Peter J Daniels Destiny of the 3rd Millennium download
Destiny of the 3rd Millennium download
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