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Nick Huber – Real Estate Masterclass download

He lives with his family in small town Georgia and owns a series of companies. One is a real estate private equity company and the other is a construction company. Nick Huber – Real Estate Masterclass download is the best of his course.

Ryan builds nursing homes and assisted living facilities from the ground up and that’s what he’s been doing for 40 years. How did he make so much money and what is his competitive advantage?

Way before he builds a nursing home, Ryan goes to a nursing home operator and has a meeting. They want 80,000 SF and 80 beds. He figures out what they want, works with their team, and presents a concept to them…

Then It is time to make a deal on how much they are going to pay in rent. Ryan tells the operator that
the market rent to build this building is $185 per square foot. He says he needs a 9% return on his
money (a 9 cap) to make his numbers work and to compensate for the risk associated with the

So they settle on a construction budget of $14.8MM and a rent of $1.33MM a year.

What you will discover:

  1. Behind the scenes deal breakdowns and scenarios
  2. How real estate is valued & the skills you need to succeed
  3. Real estate appreciation, leverage, debt, risk, and NOI
  4. Deal structure, raising OPM, negotiating, scaling a portfolio
  5. Behind the scenes deal breakdowns and scenarios
  6. The mindset of successful investors and operators
  7. How to use twitter to expand your network & portfolio

Real Estate Valuation

  • Smell tests, speculation & trends
  • Underwriting, determine what a property is worth to you
  • Aspects of a solid cash flow model
  • Monthly cash flow model
  • A detailed analysis of my model Nick Huber – Real Estate Masterclass download
  • How to find a model specific to your Industry
  • Deal overview
  • Due diligence

Real Estate Fundamentals(Real Estate Masterclass review)

  • A key operational advantage (and the holy grail)
  • How do re investors get really wealthy?
  • what method to use time as the ultimate economic tailwind
  • Two almighty definitions: noi and cap rate
  • Overview of my portfolio
  • Appreciation works
  • Ways to force appreciation
  • the roll-up strategy
  • Cap rate compression
  • A key operational advantage (and the holy grail)
  • Using time as the ultimate economic tailwind


  • Leverage amplifies gains and losses
  • Visualizing leverage in real estate
  • Refi and recaps
  • Debt yield & debt constant
  • DC: overview, worksheet, quiz, review
  • DY: overview, table, quiz, review
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Alternative financing method: securities backed line of credit

Tax Advantages of Real Estate

  • IRS Depreciation FAQ
  • Depreciation & Bonus Depreciation
  • QOZ — Qualified Opportunity Zone
  • Recapture & Capital Gains
  • IRS Depreciation FAQ
  • Interest Expense as a Deduction
  • Income vs. Capital Gains
  • QOZ — Qualified Opportunity Zone
  • Cost Segmentation Study Examples
  • IRS Depreciation FAQ
  • Basis & the 1031 Exchange
  • Additional Tax Loopholes


  • Assessing & Manage Risk
  • Operations, Emotions & CAPEX
  • The Cyclical Nature of Real Estate
  • Lose a Lot of Money Really Fast, how?
  • The Cyclical Nature of Real Estate
  • what manner to Hedge Your Risk
  • Stress Tests
  • Model Walkthrough, Variables Affecting Cash on Cash, Debt Yield, and Debt Constant

Deal Structures

  • Private Equity Works
  • Pref, Promotes & Waterfalls
  • Thinking about Fees
  • Should You Structure Your Deal?
  • PPM and Executive Summaries Real Estate Masterclass Free
  • The Straight Split Structure
  • Vetting LPs and Managing Expectations
  • Re-capitalizing a Deal
  • Multiple Examples of Case-Specific Executive Summaries

Who is the course for?

I will be clear that anyone can benefit from these lessons. Everything in this course will help you become more informed, prepared, and confident to start or scale your real estate career. But there are 4 types can help most…

1. Beginners ready to turn Pro

You have done your research and been devouring information online. You are starting to make connections in the real estate world. You’re asking the right questions. You can see your future in real estate that you just want to make sure you’re on the right path. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I made this course to share a clear and highly detailed picture of how to build a career in real estate with real-life examples. I will give you an unfiltered look at what I did and how I did it — what works, and what doesn’t.

2. People with resources who want to use them wisely

These are people who are ready to make real estate a part of their future, but they’re not sure which way to go. They want to look at it from 1000 feet above and analyze asset classes. They are able to pick and choose their path as they either buy real estate on their own or invest.

3. Passive Investors who would like to invest with confidence

These are people who earn enough money that they are looking to passively invest. They can not move their focus away from the main money maker. But, they want to learn how to invest in real estate through sponsors. They want to partner with operators who are doing deals, analyze the deal with confidence, figure out what questions to ask, figure out where the risk is, and understand how all this works.

4. Investors and Operators who want to level up

The most important group, the one I am most aligned with and is exactly who I am. You are the person ready to buy an asset, or you own property or are ready to make real estate a big part of your work and wealth. You are ready to level up and raise outside capital, build a management company, a real estate private equity firm, and expand to make real estate a tremendous part of your life and career.

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What you will learn in Nick Huber – Real Estate Masterclass download

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Nick Huber - Real Estate Masterclass download
Real Estate Masterclass download
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