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Matt Andrews And Eddie Speed – Note Flipper

What you will get:

Note Broker Training

  • Introduction to Brokering
  • Finding Investors to Broker To
  • Finding Inventory & Initial Due Diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Commissions
  • Formal Due Diligence
  • Closing
  • Keeping Your List Warm
Real Estate Notes 101

‘Whether you need to create seller financing on your own property or want to enter this exciting field as a business venture, Eddie teaches you how to get started. The audios below cover the basics for entering the hottest opportunity in real estate.

How hot is it exactly? Just a few years ago, 1 in every 400 real estate transactions used seller financing. But recently, nearly 1 in every 50 transactions involves seller financing! With the tightening of lending criteria and the shortage of available funds for conventional loans, property owners are becoming increasingly anxious to sell- and would-be buyers are desperate to purchase these properties. Seller financing will only become even more popular in the months and years ahead.

Seller Financing Execution Plan
  • What Is Seller Financing
  • Build Financing Terms
  • Find Properties to Finance
  • How to Pitch to Homeowners
  • Putting it Together and Closing the Deal


  • 10 Most Costly Mistakes
  • Contracts & Documents
  • Virtual Assistant Blueprint

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