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John Schaub – Making Money With Investors

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More than 30 years of investing, I have purchased dozens of properties with several investors. While not all of my joint purchases have been runaway successes, most have been good investments. I have never had an investor who was unhappy that we invested together.

When I began investing in real estate, I was broke and had no credit. I was barely out of college, and was working as a commissioned real estate salesman.

Needless to say, the local bankers were not anxious to loan money to a wet-behind-the-ears kid with no steady source of income, whose only liquid assets were in his gas tank. If I was going to buy real estate, I had to find a way to do it without going to a bank for money.

When I found a good deal, and needed money for a down payment, I was bold enough to ask everyone for money. It took a lot of asking, as I had little to offer other than the deal.

Compare where you are today, to where I started. I suspect you have some experience buying and investing in property. You may own investment property. You may even have a job, or money in the bank.

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