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The Vital Glutes & Psoas

What you will explore

  • Case Study to link the pelvis
  • Tonic vs Phasic muscles, Outer Core Unit or Myofascial Slings
  • The Gait Cycle & its relationship to upper and lower extremity
  • Functional anatomy of the G max, G med and Iliopsoas muscles
  • Spinal Mechanics of the Pelvis and Lumbar spine
  • Force and form closure
  • Causes of miss firing G max and G med
  • Disc pathology –L4, L5 and S1 nerve root pathology
  • Malalignment syndrome of the pelvic girdle
  • G max & G med and their relationship to lower/upper limb pain
  • Case study –G med and the link to the opposite QL muscle
  • How the hip joint relates to the gluteal-psoas musculature and back and knee pain
  • Pelvis muscle length tests-psoas.
  • Treatment of the hypertonic muscles using specific modalities.
  • Demonstration of Muscle firing patterns
  • G max & G med and their relationship to lower/upper limb pain
  • Muscle weakness testing
  • Neurological screening – lower limb
  • Specific exercises
  • Anterior rotation of the innominate correction
  • Screening of the hip joint
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