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Fire Your Financial Advisor

Curriculum you will get:

  1. Introductory Materials
  2. What You Need To Know About Financial Advisors
  3. Insurance
  4. Developing a Plan For Your Housing
  5. Destroying Your Student Loans
  6. How to Spend Money to Increase Current and Future Happiness
  7. Creating Your Investing Plan Part One – Setting SMART Goals That Matter To You
  8. Part Two- Understanding Your Investing Accounts
  9. Creating Your Investing Plan Part Three- Asset Allocation and Implementation
  10. Estate Planning
  11. Asset Protection
  12. Staying The Course

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James M. Dahle author

He is a practicing emergency physician and a veteran who developed a passion for personal finance. Then, investing early in his career after being ripped off by financial professionals of many types. After a lengthy self education process, he realized nobody was teaching this material to physicians, similar high-income professionals and many of them were making the same mistakes he made. 

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