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J. Massey – Multifamily Mogul Complete Course

What you will get:

  1. Introduction – Multifamily moduls
  2. Mindset and metrics
  3. Numbers never lie
  4. Marketing tactics and strategies
  5. The psychology of making offers
  6. Put yourself on a points system to win win
  7. The rules of investor engagement
  8. Constructing the deal is easy with the P.A.Q
  9. A deeper look at using the PAQ
  10. Creating cashflow, cashflow, cashflow
  11. The business of investing in multifamily properties
  12. Finding the right property manager(s) and insurance
  13. Conversations, contracts and a call to action

One of what you will get: Metrics and Mindset

  • In this session you learn why mindset is so critical to your success. You have to put away negativity and step away from the negative voices in your head and those you hear coming out of other people’s mouths. Believe that you can achieve. That is the first step. Don’t let fear stop you from taking steps as an investor in multi-family properties.
  • Learning how to establish and work to daily metrics. By setting daily goals and earning points through specific tasks, you will become a better investor over time. In fact, you’ll be able to track your improvement every day, week and month! These metrics for success include personal development actions, self-promotion activities, communications and more so you can earn 40 points a day.

Multifamily Mogul Complete Course Free

Studying quickly that this course is about DOING. The course also offers theory, but it’s not a theoretical experience. You are expected to Learn at the Speed of Instruction™ and put to use your new knowledge immediately.

To walk away at the end of this video course with a whole new skill set. You will be accountable for your actions and you’ll see the results of those actions in your monthly cashflow. Several of our graduates have been able to quit their 9-to-5 jobs within a few months of learning Real Estate Investing. Some have gone on to offer training to other interested learners.

To be most successful thing is you need to develop your FOCUS. Specifically, how to focus your mind. Not focus on a bunch of other things, but rather how to focus your mind. That simply means follow one course until successful.

Through each session you will be expected to do assignments. Stop and do them. Then return to the course. You will also have homework. Do it without question. Don’t wait; don’t put off. Just do it.

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However, I do not refund after you get the link and download the course.

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