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Eric Jellerson – Momentum Options Trading Course

Technical Analysis

Build a solid foundation. Learn about support/resistance, supply/demand zones candlesticks, patterns, and how to read the clues of what is about to happen next.

Navigating the Market

Learn how to analyze trends, forecast future price action and identify profitable trades just like our algorithms.

Options Mastery

Understand how options work, their benefits, along with some critical information to maximize your ROI and time in trades.

Developing a Trader’s Mindset

Learn how to execute trades like a PRO using professional-grade risk-management strategies designed to protect your capital and keep accounts growing!

What you will get:

Bullish/Bearish Scanners

You will know exactly what stocks are in the correct conditions in order to give the best signals so that you know exactly where to focus your attention!

Scan your own watchlist or use Eric’s watchlist
Study which conditions make a stock a good candidate for options trading
Understand what stocks to look at whether markets are bullish or bearish

ORBI Day Trading System

Find highly-profitable day trades and grow your account using our proven day trading system! Analyzes trends across timeframes in order to let you know if something profitable is happening.
Not every stock is an ideal candidate for trading every day. ORBI only signals the trades that have a high probability of continuation.
Performs instant technical analysis, targets, plotting entries and a reliable trailing stop to have a plan so as to lock in gains and protect your capital.
Alerts to continuations and strong reversals and differentiates between the two so you always know what is going on.

Momentum Options Swing Trader
Signals trade like institutional algorithms. Trade alongside the hedge funds.
Better prepare to trade future trends on any ticker using the “Health” function.
Alerts to continuation and reversals.
Differentiates between the types of continuations/reversals so you always know what is happening.

Market Internals

You always know what kind of market you are entering and be the first one to know when the market is likely to reverse! Instantly know what the overall trend of the market is (bear market, sell off, bull market, rally)

Instantly know what intra-day market sentiment is!

Momentum Options Trading Course

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