Dr. Sheldon Deal – Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1



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Dr. Sheldon Deal – Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1

What you will get in 5 classes:

Class 1
  • Therapy Localization to determine where to work
  • Priority Mode to find what needs fixed first
  • The More Mode to see if more work is needed
  • Pause Lock to make your work easier
  • Hand Modes to find if structural, nutritional, emotional or electrical corrections are needed
  • Surrogate Testing for those unable to test
Class 2
  • Several acupuncture shortcuts to quickly find:
  • Which acupuncture points need balancing
  • side has over energy meridians
  • meridians are under energy and which side of the body they are located on
  • A way to balance all the meridians in seconds
  • How to clear every point on a meridian
  • Which acu point will balance all meridians
  • acu points with lasers and magnets
  • Balancing chakras through sound and color
  • Color for each day and the color bracelets
  • How to ask the body questions
Class 3
  • Temporal Tapping and its applications
  • How to find and clear leaks in the electrical field
  • Correcting narcolepsy and fatigue
  • B Vitamins and their application to specific conditions
  • Value of the heart hug
  • Reset the body clock
  • Correct allergies in 30 seconds
  • Clear addictions
  • Treating allergies for what you don’t want to give up
  • 5 Energy Circuits to help people with fatigue
Class 4
  • Color and Its relationship to musical notes
  • Programming crystals for healing
  • Treating three different types of adrenal conditions
  • Treating TMJ to clear 72% of what is out on a patient
  • Applications for eccentric & concentric muscle tests
  • Injury Recall Technique
  • How to test and reduce homocysteine levels
Class 5
  • The Stress Syndrome and how to correct it
  • Some nutrition tips
  • Two point nutrition and the Ridler reflexes
  • Spinal fixations and how to correct them
  • Key acupuncture points to alleviate headaches
  • Correcting hearing problems
  • Niacin and its value in health
  • Five-minute phobia cure
  • Nutrition for each blood type
  • Far-sidedness and near-sidedness
  • Treating Parkinson’s disease with acupressure
  • Rapid Eye Movement test for ICV and Houston valve
  • How to correct snoring and sleep apnea
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