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Donnie Baer – The Pallet Game

What you will get:

  • 1st Business I Personally Broker Too
  • 2nd Business I Personally Broker Too
  • Different Styles Of 48×40’s
  • Steps To Take In Order
  • Finding Buyers and Building Your List
  • Researching Business’s / Vetting Them
  • What To Say When Calling Business’s
  • What To Say When E-mailing Companies
  • Valuable Information You’ll Need From Business’s
  • Massive Way to Find Pallet Suppliers!
  • How To Find Pallet Suppliers
  • Another Method To Find Pallet Suppliers
  • How To Handle Payments
  • E-Mail Example
  • E-Mail Example
  • How To Automate The Business
  • Legal Forms Explained
  • Avoid These Situations When Brokering
  • Negotiating Price
  • Questions To Ask Pallet Suppliers
  • Questions To Ask Buyers
  • 22 Industries That Buy Large Amounts Of Pallets
  • Supply Pallets To Your Pallet Yard- List Of Business’s

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  • Thirdly, and most importantly, support extension can not be used

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Donnie Baer - The Pallet Game download
Donnie Baer - The Pallet Game
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