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Business Credit Mastery

With Business Credit Mastery you get funding in the most efficient, affordable and quickest way without having to read 100 page guides and watch 25+ Hours of videos.

NONE of these programs teach you the funding process and usually end up doing it for you at the end to hide these industry secrets so they can continue to charge THOUSANDS of dollars in “Success Fees”.

You’ll learn exactly how to fund a business from scratch so you can repeat the process whenever you want and not have to pay $5k – $15k in funding fees every round of funding.

What you will explore:

1 – Compliance
  • Welcome!
  • Make Your Investment Back!
  • Personalized Funding Action Plan
  • Funding
  • Phone Listing!
  • Business Address
  • Website!
  • Get Incorporated!
  • Obtain Your EIN!
2 – Building
  • Funding Accelerator Toolkit
  • Business Bank Account
  • Obtain your DUNS Number!
  • Tier 1 Vendors
  • Pay Score
  • Store Cards
  • Bridge Loan
3 – Funding
  • Six Figure Credit Card Strategy
  • Credit Card Master Database
  • More Business Cards
  • Charge Cards
  • Liquidation Strategies
  • Loans, Financing, LOC’s
  • Inquiry Removal
  • No PG Vehicle Guide
  • Funding Contract
  • Case Studies
4 – Investing
  • Investing
  • Real Estate in 4 Steps
  • Mergers and Acquistions
  • Amazon Automation
5 – Credit Repair Kit
  • Welcome To The Credit Repair Kit!
  • Credit Score Vs Credit Report
  • Credit Repair Flow Chart
  • Acquiring Scores and Reports
  • Reading Your Credit Report
  • Removal Prep
  • Updating Personal Information
6 – Round One Dispute
  • Freeze Secondary Credit Reporting Agencies
  • Dispute Letter Introduction
  • Preparation
  • Letter (Credit Bureau)
7 – Two Dispute
  • Dispute Letter Introduction
  • No Response Letter
  • Re-investigation Letter
8 – Round Three Dispute
  • Dispute Letter Introduction
  • No Response Dispute Letter
  • Warning Letter
Refund Policy of Colin Matthew – Business Credit Mastery download

I will refund your money in case of:

  • Firstly, item is not as described.
  • Secondly, item do not work the way it should.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, Business Credit Mastery free support extension can not be used.

However, I do not refund after you get the link and download the course.

How do you receive download link?
  • After you pay me. Then, please follow your Email to get download link.
  • I will send you P cloud, Mega, or Google Drive LINKS OF COURSES through Your Mail
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