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Alphatrends – Advanced Course: Essentials Of Successful Swing Trading

What you will get in 9 hour recording

  • Introduction To Trading and Chart Construction
  • Market Structure, Cycles, Support & Resistance, Trends
  • Volume, Moving Averages, and Trend Alignment
  • Selling Shorts: The Business of Trading
  • More Analysis Tools, Including Anchored VWAP (AVWAP)

1. Introduction to Trading (61:01)

Trading is a hard business. Learn why most traders fail and what you can do to be successful. An honest look at what it takes for success in trading.

2. Chart Construction (12:52)

The most important elements on a chart are Price, Volume and Time. This discussion will focus on what manner they interact to provide clues for creating a trading plan. Candle stick chart construction, interpretation and their short comings are also studied.

3. The Four Stages (30:47)

Just like the business cycle, the markets have a cyclical rhythm. We study the four stages of; Accumulation, Markup, Distribution and Decline in order to gain an understanding of when to; Anticipate, Participate, Exit or Avoid a stock position.

4. Support and Resistance (22:42)

Support and resistance are the building blocks of how trends are created. It is the constant ebb and flow of supply and demand which creates levels of support and resistance so that we can plan our trades around.

5. Trend Trading (28:56)

To profit in directional trades in the market, we need to recognize the low risk, high probability trend areas where we can enter a trade from the best chance of profits.

6. Volume Analysis (23:13)

Volume is the cause and price is the effect. Trading volume is the fuel for market activity and we will discover how the price/volume relationship is supposed to work and what it means when it doesn’t!

7. Moving Averages (58:24)

A moving average can help us quickly identify a trend as well as higher probability areas where we may consider entering a trend. We will discuss the most important moving averages to study on many different timeframes. Understand the psychology of why moving averages cannot be ignored on a price chart.

8. Trend Alignment (29:59)

Trends are ambiguous without a reference to time. A stock may be in a longer term uptrend but is crashing on a shorter term timeframe.

9. Short Sales & Short Squeezes (39:30)

Bear markets are a fact of life. If you want to do more than sit out a decline, this section covers what short selling is, when to initiate a short position, how to control risk and more. 

10. Risk & Money Management (36:10)

Any successful market approach is rooted in risk management. Risk management is job #1! Learn how to identify entry levels, price objective and stop levels. This section will help you study the methods that professionals use to hold their winners and cut their losers!

11. Order Entry and Level 2 (29:16)

Saving a few pennies per share on a trade may be trivial to a casual participant but to a professional who trades often, those savings can add up to a significant amount over the course of a year. Know how to place your orders for maximum efficiency!

12. Exit Strategies (42:02)

Anyone can buy a stock, but do you have a strategy to get out? Starting with where to enter stops on your trades so a loser is not allowed to spiral out of control, we discuss 6 other exit strategies to help you maximize your profits!

13. News in Trading (17:21)

It is said “If you trade on the news, you will one day be delivering it.” News can and does act as a motivator of volume and thus price change. Learn why it is more important to monitor the reaction to the news than what the news might say.

14. Gap Strategies (30:39)

When prices fail to overlap from the prior days range, it forms a “gap” on the chart. Learn what causes a gap and how to trade them. We will discuss strategies for how to enter a stock which has gapped and perhaps more importantly, how to handle an opening gap and puts your stock in a large losing position.

15. Fibonacci and Pivot Levels (19:12)

This is as esoteric we get in the technical analysis of this course. Pay particular attention to pivot levels if you are a day trader!

16. The Business of Trading (44:49)

Trading is not a game or hobby, if you treat it as one, you will have tax losses to show. How to approach your trading like true professionals do.

17. Trading with the Anchored VWAP (43:39)

The Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) combines: price, volume and time to shows whether buyer or sellers are in control of price action from any point we choose. This tool can help you to objectively recognize where the beginning and end of a trend on any timeframe!

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